Hydropool Self-Cleaning

17fX Aqua Trainer

The AquaTrainer 17fX also has two multi-hydrotherapy massage seats making it a pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all-in-one. Additionally this unit has the added output of our two high performance adjustable wide stream swim jets and one AquaStream jet.


Self Clean Mode Yes
HydroClean Floor Vacuum Yes
Dual Core Pressurized Filter Yes
Programmable Filtration Cycles Yes
High Flow AquaStream Swim Jets N/A
High Flow CoreStream Swim Jets x1
High Performance Wide Stream AquaFlo Swims Jets x2
Back Therapy Jets 12
Adjustable Leg/Foot Therapy Jets 4
Adjustable Thigh Therapy Jets 4
Total Therapy Jetes 20
Vegas Package Opt
Underwater LED Safety Lighting Yes
2 Extra LED’s Northern Lights Opt
1/6hp HydroClean Filtration Pump, Evergreen & AquaBoost Pump North American 60Hz / International 50Hz 4&2x5hp
Stainless Steel HydroWise Heater NA 2x4Kw
Stainless Steel HydroWise Heater EU 2x3Kw
EZ-Ultra Pure Ozone System Opt
Aquacord Swim Tether Yes
Rowing Kit Opt
AquaFlex Current Control Yes
DreamScents on Demand Opt
Shell Dimensions:210" X 93" / 533 cm x 236.2 cm
Height:40" / 124.5 cm
Volume:2182 US gallons / 8259 Litres
Weight Full:20,830 lbs / 9,451 Kg
Weight Empty2,627 lbs / 1,192 Kg
Size Category17'
Hydrotherapy Seating:2 Persons